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Head of Residential Sales

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About Bright

At Bright, we are building a global movement to rapidly spread clean energy across Mexico and beyond. We do so by simplifying the adoption of rooftop solar via advanced technology and human connection. We’re fast-moving and results-oriented; we’re passionate about spreading solar energy as fast as humanly possible while having fun doing it. 

About the position

We are recruiting the best of the best to be our Head of Residential Sales and help us spread clean solar energy all across Mexico. You’ll work directly with our CRO and executive teams and play a critical role in achieving Bright’s key goals. You’ll also need to understand Bright's model and priorities to help the sales team be aligned with the company priorities and to communicate effectively at high executive levels to obtain project financing approvals. The role entails managing a sales team of 15-25 people through sales managers, recruiting for the sales team, implementing new processes that make the team more efficient, coaching managers to help them deliver results, enabling the sales team to achieve results, and managing any conflict that might arise with other areas.

We’re looking for someone who...

  • Has experience managing a sales team

    • 3-5 years of experience

  • Is extremely comfortable speaking English and communicating concisely

  • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Has proven ability to drive the sales process from start to finish

  • Has experience in understanding how a product brings value to the company

  • Has experience with executive-level stakeholders management

  • Has outstanding listening, negotiation, and presentation skills 

  • Has medium to high understanding of corporate finance

  • Has a history of success as a manager

    • Building a team from scratch

    • Consistently achieves sales goals 

    • Implements the best practices for getting referrals or expanding the business 

    • Has implemented successful strategies to increase conversion rate 

  • Is proactive/competitive

    • In love with startup culture and getting stuff done

    • Creative when problem-solving is needed

    • Proposes solutions when finding a challenge

  • Has leadership skills 

    • Leads by example 

    • Is accountable for their results and makes their team accountable 

    • Gives direction to the team to stay on track 

    • High emotional intelligence

  • Can influence other people both in the sales team and in other areas of the company

  • Is comfortable with math and logical reasoning

  • Has advanced excel/google sheets skills 

  • (Ideal) Is comfortable using SQL


Your tasks and responsibilities will be:

  • Plan and execute the annual, quarterly and monthly sales plan to achieve 20% growth quarter over quarter

  • Troubleshoot the problems that arise at any step of the sales funnel

  • Report progress over the goals at the executive level

  • Coaching and managing the sales team

  • Keep a high motivation and engagement in the sales team  

  • Troubleshoot possible obstacles with other areas of the company

  • Recruit the staffing needed to meet the growth goals

  • Obtain project financing approval from the executive team and lenders 

Your Key Results will be:

  • Total monthly project goal or kW goal achieved 

  • Referrals projects approved per month 

  • CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Conversion rate from a sales visit to an approved project 

Compensation / benefits

  • Competitive salary based on results

  • A fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant. 

  • Manager training and coaching

  • Unparalleled learning – we have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage in this project.