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CE Installations Analyst

Remote -- Customer Enjoyment

About Bright

At Bright, we are building a global movement to rapidly spread clean energy across Mexico and beyond. We do so by simplifying the adoption of rooftop solar via advanced technology and human connection. We’re fast-moving and results-oriented; we’re passionate about spreading solar energy as fast as humanly possible while having fun doing it. 

About the position

As a Customer Enjoyment Installations at Bright, you play an integral part in our customers’ journeys, enabling us to be the #1 solar energy service provider in all Mexico. You will provide general support for all customers across departments and will own communication for those in the Installation phase with Bright.


This role’s key responsibility is to act as the customer liaison that coordinates installations across all geographies in Mexico to ensure a great customer experience. This means troubleshooting efficiently with different stakeholders when problems arise, ensuring installations are completed within SLAs and giving effective feedback to all stakeholders (installers, warehouse, procurement, etc.) for constant improvement while offering the best customer experience.


We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about making the world a better and more sustainable place

  • Is an entrepreneur, in love with startup culture. 

  • Is a “do-er” that doesn’t need much direction to deliver on targets.

  • Is excited about learning new things and developing new skills.

  • Is organized, comfortable with technology, and can adapt to rapid structural changes.

  • Is extremely patient and understanding.

  • Is concise and clear in communication.

  • Is comfortable speaking English and communicating concisely.

  • Have a proven track record of success.

  • Have SQL skills and database analysis experience.

  • Have analytic skills and structured thinking.

  • Have time availability to work full time.

Your tasks and responsibilities will be:

  • To schedule installations with customers across Mexico according to installer and warehouse availability. Make sure installers arrive on time and customers are ready to receive them. 

  • To make sure projects are finished as scheduled within 9 days working closely with the OPS Installer-communication owner. 

  • To ensure daily checks are implemented to avoid cancellations on visits and ensure SLA compliance for Approval Technical Visits.

  • Generate constant internal improvements and implement Solar Technicians’ and Installers’ feedback to strike zero errors for quality installations.

  • Iterate on current processes and tasks to automate them and make your process scalable through software solutions.

  • Ensure that solutions are implemented whenever there’s a problem on a customer’s installation.

  • Apply problem solving skills and negotiation skills to resolve emergencies in the best interest to both the customer and Bright (ensure any compensations are fair to both). 


Your Key Results will be:

  • At Bright we operate on the OKR system pioneered at Intel and used widely at Google and many tech companies

  • For this specific role your KR (upon which your success will be measured) are:

    • Maintain the successful customer handling standard process developed in Q3 to maintain the Q4 customer satisfaction scores.

      • KR1: 100% satisfaction score.

    • Reduce the number of touch points needed in the Customer Journey by 30%

      • KR 2: Tickets per agent is increased by 30% from 52 in Q3 2021 to 68 by the end of Q4 2021.

    • Measure the impact of the Sales and Ops team in time from Welcome Call to Interconnection completion, and assign Customer Oriented Key Result to these teams for Q1 2021

      • KR3: 100% of Parent tickets solved within 30 days SLA for Q1 2022.

Compensation / Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation based on experience & results.

    A fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant. 

  • The opportunity to learn first hand about the distributed generation regulatory scheme in México while being a part of the fastest-growing startup in the country.

  • Unparalleled learning – we have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage on this project.

  • Awesome work environment - all input and ideas matter to us.

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